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Change & conflict management at work
Change & conflict management at work

Our common sense services – change and conflict management at work

At Commonsense Services we believe that businesses with the skills and confidence to manage conflict effectively reap significant benefits in innovation, resilience and progress.

Whatever business you are in you’ll know that nothing stands still and nothing seems as easy as it should.  With change comes challenge, work relationships can feel fraught with tension and sometimes we feel that all our energy is focussed on conflict and strife rather than on moving forward.

Commonsense Services have a unique combination of skills and experience to support your business through all these issues. If you want to harness the creative force of conflict for your business, if you want to develop your team’s skills and resilience in handling change, or if conflict between staff is frustrating progress, we can help.

No fuss, no jargon, just straightforward practical help. 
“I recently participated in a formal mediation day facilitated by Milee to overcome some difficult issues I was facing at work with a team member. Milee handled the whole process, from beginning to end and was always open, approachable and completely ...”