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Change & conflict management at work
Change & conflict management at work

About Milee

My background

Based in the fine city of Norwich in NorfoIk, I have over 20 years’ experience in operational management and in designing and delivering business change.

Over that time I have come to recognise that however inspired the strategy, however super-efficient the process or impressive the plan, businesses succeed or fail because of the relationships between people and the way that we manage ourselves. As a Head of Operational IT and then Head of Corporate Change I found that I was doing my most productive work – delivering the best business change for my employers – when I was supporting people in developing their own skills and confidence and when I was actively managing the conflict that arises from all change.

I chose to explore this path further, qualifying with ILM as a Coach and Mentor in 2012 and then as a Workplace Mediator at the National Mediation Academy in 2013. Since then I have combined these skills with my wide experience of leadership and change management, working with clients and teams across the UK.

What I offer

I established Commonsense Services to offer this successful package of services to individuals and companies at all stages of their development:

- Workplace Mediation and Conflict Management
- Skills development  - conflict management and communication
- Coaching
- Change Design & Delivery

Why Commonsense?

Each of these services –Conflict management, Mediation, Change, Coaching, -traditionally comes with a welter of models, theories and jargon. I have found that these can get in the way of the real issues. I hope to offer straight forward, practical help without the clutter, though I’m very happy to talk models and theory if that suits a client’s needs.

Other stuff

I also work as a Community Mediator for a national charity supporting neighbours and families across Norfolk to resolve the conflicts that can make everyday life really hard.

I am a Trustee of the Emmaus Community at Ditchingham in Norfolk working to support people out of homelessness

And when I have done working I like to take a long walk, sing (in a weak soprano) or spend time cooking and gardening.
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“Milee helps you realise what it is you really want, helps you question what you think is stopping you and leaves you wondering why in retrospect you didn't get on with it an age ago.”