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Change & conflict management at work
Change & conflict management at work

About Milee

My background

Based in the fine city of Norwich in NorfoIk, I have over 20 years’ experience in operational management and in designing and delivering business change.

Over that time I have come to recognise that however inspired the strategy, however super-efficient the process or impressive the plan, businesses succeed or fail because of the relationships between people and the way that we manage ourselves. As a Head of Operational IT and then Head of Corporate Change I found that I was doing my most productive work – delivering the best business change for my employers – when I was supporting people in developing their own skills and confidence and when I was actively managing the conflict that arises from all change.

I chose to explore this path further, qualifying with ILM as a Coach and Mentor in 2012 and then as a Workplace Mediator at the National Mediation Academy in 2013. Since then I have combined these skills with my wide experience of leadership and change management, working with clients and teams across the UK.

What I offer

I established Commonsense Services to offer this successful package of services to individuals and companies at all stages of their development:

- Workplace Mediation and Conflict Management
- Skills development  - conflict management and communication
- Coaching
- Change Design & Delivery

Why Commonsense?

Each of these services –Conflict management, Mediation, Change, Coaching, -traditionally comes with a welter of models, theories and jargon. I have found that these can get in the way of the real issues. I hope to offer straight forward, practical help without the clutter, though I’m very happy to talk models and theory if that suits a client’s needs.

Other stuff

I also work as a Community Mediator for a national charity supporting neighbours and families across Norfolk to resolve the conflicts that can make everyday life really hard.

I am a Trustee of the Emmaus Community at Ditchingham in Norfolk working to support people out of homelessness

And when I have done working I like to take a long walk, sing (in a weak soprano) or spend time cooking and gardening.
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