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Change & conflict management at work
Change & conflict management at work

Managing your own confidence

Are you finding that confidence issues are holding you or your staff back at work? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of us are struggling with exactly the same problem, and that even includes many of the seemingly confident people who give the illusion that their lives are perfectly under control. Our inner mind monkeys enjoy creating feelings of uncertainty and fear, chipping away at self-belief and creating frustration. All too often…

Our workshop:

This workshop is restricted to six participants so that each person will get the individual attention they need to address their confidence concerns. In the group environment, there will be a chance to share and learn from each other, as well as going through the wealth of material delivered by the workshop leader. Each session is tailored to the requirements of the participants, and 1-2-1 phone support will be offered both before and after the workshop.

At the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Have identified the situations they find most difficult
  • Understand what they would like to achieve and why
  • Understand what can trigger unhelpful thoughts and feelings and how these triggers can be managed
  • Have explored how skills and confidence can be developed
  • Have prepared for and carried out a personal challenge to reinforce their learning

How to book:

Please contact Milee Brambleby directly at on 07468 570471.

Please note: this course may not be appropriate  for people living with diagnosed anxiety disorders.  If you are unsure whether the course is right for you, please contact Milee to discuss.

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“Within the last year I have been coached by Milee and she has an exceptional ability to make a person feel at ease, she listens and then encourages you to seek out what you want, and then helps you find the tools and skills within you to deliver this...”