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At Commonsense Services we believe that organisations which manage conflict well are more resilient, more creative, more productive and better places to work.
Owner, director and principal mediator Milee Brambleby founded Commonsense Services in 2014.
After working for more than twenty years in operational management, Milee has seen the tremendous damage workplace conflict can do when it’s left unchecked… but she has also seen the enormous benefits that can be gained when the conflict is tackled quickly and managed effectively.
That’s why Milee created Commonsense Services to accomplish three main goals:
  • To help business owners, Human Resources (HR) professionals, line managers and staff tackle and overcome workplace conflict
  • To show them how to manage conflict, provide mediation and encourage positive change within the workplace
  • To coach managers, HR professionals and employees in the techniques required to manage and dissipate conflict before it escalates
Prior to founding Commonsense Services, Milee’s career had been focused on designing and delivering business change. But it was when she became Head of Corporate Change that Milee felt she was doing her most productive work, supporting people in developing their own skills and confidence while also actively managing the conflict that all forms of change can create.
It was a path she chose to explore further, eventually qualifying as a coach and mentor with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and then as a workplace mediator at the National Mediation Academy in 2013. Since then, Milee and her team at Norwich-based Commonsense Services have worked closely with many clients across the UK to resolve disputes and restore harmony to the workplace. Milee also works as a Community Mediator for a national charity, helping families and communities across Norfolk resolve the conflicts that are making their everyday lives extremely difficult.

Milee often compares her role as a workplace mediator to being like a swimming coach, “I prepare the pool, make sure it’s safe, provide all the tools and support they need and show them what can be done. But, for it to work, the participants have to get in the water and swim.”
If conflict is becoming an issue in your workplace, or if you want to equip your line managers and employees with the skills to manage conflict by themselves, Commonsense Services are always here to help.
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“The session from start to finish was well organised and facilitated. Both myself and the other party in the mediation achieved the outcome we hoped for.”