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Pretty well everything we do in business relies on people. People cooperating with each other, people giving a warm welcome to customers, people feeling skilled and confident enough to work or lead effectively.

Yet often it’s the people bit that seems the source of much difficulty. We don’t communicate effectively with each other, we struggle with and even against change, we shy away from challenge and we fail to present that sunny and positive outlook that our customers want to see.

All this can put a serious crimp in productivity and in times of change it can stop the whole show!

At Commonsense Services we work with you to identify and implement the changes you want to see, perhaps

- Increasing your team’s resilience and adaptability
- Harnessing the creative force of conflict
- Developing individual confidence and courage
- Improving line manager skills
- Resolving a long standing “atmosphere” in the office

We will work with you to deliver precisely the support you require and we aim to do this without fuss, without jargon, without complicated models and theories.

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“I didn’t feel hurried and I felt that I was listened to. This was my first experience of mediation and I found it a pleasant experience.”