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“It provided me with a better understanding of defusing difficult situations.”


What is coaching?

Coaching is having someone in your corner for you. Whether you are a business owner, a leader of people or someone at the start of their career it is rare to have access to someone who is solely focussed on your needs and interests.  Someone to bounce ideas off, develop thinking and talk things through with who is detached from the day to day experience of your world. That’s what a coach can provide.

What happens in a coaching session?

We have a discussion to understand what you would like to work on. That can be a specific issue (for example, preparing for a big meeting or a difficult conversation) or it might be a more general theme such as developing work/life balance, planning a career path or dealing with multiple priorities. Whatever you need most is what we will work on together.

Once we have determined what our focus for the session needs to be we will explore together in more detail what you would like to achieve and what options there are for you to move towards that.

We might finish a session with a summary of what we have discussed and a chat about what steps or actions you plan to take as a result.

Is coaching a long term commitment?

It certainly can be if that is what would work best for you as a client. However there are issues that can be explored over one session only and there are also times when you may need a quick phone chat rather than a full session.  We can explore what your needs are and design an approach to coaching that works specifically for you.

What’s the first step?

First things first – we need to check that we feel able to work together. We will arrange a 30 minute session – preferably face to face – so we can meet and introduce ourselves. There is no charge for this session although if you ask us to travel to you outside of Norwich we may need to ask that you pay travel expenses. If, after we meet, you decide that you would like us to work together we can discuss setting up an initial programme to meet your needs.
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