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Skills Development

Our workshops have been devised to help individuals and teams understand and address the issues they face in the workplace.

Every business is different and every company encounters its own challenges, but Milee Brambleby has identified many of the key areas where core skills are often lacking. These are areas which can cause long-term difficulties for a vast range of employers if decisive and proactive steps aren’t taken to correct them.

They include:

  • The skills needed for line managers and supervisors to identify, manage and resolve day to day conflict.
  • The skills needed to manage our own confidence allowing us to take control of situations we personally find difficult.
  • The skills needed for customer service staff to become resilient to incoming client dissatisfaction and deliver first rate customer service even when the client is making that really hard to do.
  • The skills needed to communicate clearly with each other even when the message is a difficult one.

The impact on your business can be profound. It can manifest itself in poor productivity, low morale and a struggle to adapt to business change, as well as acute problems like work-related stress, grievances and inter-personal conflict.

Our workshops

Milee has a range of workshops that tackle and resolve these problems, all of which are tailored specifically to those attending. Our trained workshop leaders will teach the group how to manage a range of conflict and confidence issues. Just click to discover more details on each one.

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