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“I didn’t feel hurried and I felt that I was listened to. This was my first experience of mediation and I found it a pleasant experience.”

Conflict Management at work

At Commonsense Services we believe that organisations which manage conflict well are more resilient, more creative, more productive and better places to work.
Every business, no matter what the industry, will embark upon periods of change and endure conflict within its workforce. It won't matter how these obstacles manifest themselves, but how we approach them is key. A clear-headed, coherent strategy can sometimes be hard to achieve, as leaders, teams and individuals get drawn into conflict.
That's where Commonsense Services can help.

We are on a mission to teach businesses the skills to develop resilience. Our skills development courses identify common challenges faced by employees and managers, and offer practical, jargon-free solutions. The coaching we offer empowers individuals to look at and refine their personal approach to problems at work. Meanwhile, our mediation service provides a safe space for all parties to come together, discuss their issues and find a way to move forward.

It’s easy to believe that only negativity and trouble can come from conflict and change. Here at Commonsense Services we are dedicated to showing they can in fact be the start of a better, healthier way of working together.

Commonsense Services - may all your conflicts be constructive!
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