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Conflict Management for HR Practitioners

HR practitioners and HR consultants lead busy lives. Whether you’re looking after the welfare of a specific organisation or you’re a consultant who’s been parachuted in to save the day, you’ll inevitably have a lot of complicated interpersonal conflict arriving on your desk - often all at the same time. Unfortunately, that usually means you won’t have the opportunity to think the conflict through properly before you’re in the heat of the moment trying to sort it out.

Our workshop:

In a supportive group environment, attendees will be encouraged to share their own experiences and learn from one another, enabling them to return to their workplace with the confidence that they can effectively manage any number of conflicts they may be called upon to deal with.

At the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Know how to manage themselves when conflict arises
  • Learn how to influence others, to help turn the conflict around
  • Know when and how to use informal approaches
  • Understand when it is necessary to use formal approaches (grievances, disciplinaries, etc.)
  • Develop their listening skills
  • Understand how to structure challenging conversations

How to book:

Please contact Milee Brambleby directly at [email protected] on 07468 570471.
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