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Performance Conversations workshop

However positive we intend performance conversations to be, they are often viewed as the opposite and can feel like a minefield for the manager. That’s why we developed the Performance Conversations workshop to specifically address this issue and enable managers to handle conflict during performance conversations confidently, calmly and effectively.
Our workshop:
This 1-day workshop will give participants all the tools they need to prepare both mentally and practically for performance conversations. Each attendee will also be given individual attention to concentrate on their own specific needs, as well as the opportunity to discuss their experiences, concerns and strategies with the other participants in a supportive environment.
At the end of this workshop participants will:
  • Feel better equipped to cope with conflict during a performance conversation, knowing how to structure the conversation and what reactions to predict
  • Learn how to deal with the unpredictable, reducing time spent ‘on the back foot’
  • Learn how to prepare fully and practically for performance conversations
  • Have thought through the implications of multiple team members needing performance management at the same time

This workshop will be especially beneficial for managers whose organisations are undergoing significant change, or new managers coming into established teams who are trying to implement their own changes.

How to book:

Please contact Milee Brambleby directly at [email protected] on 07468 570471.
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